COP 21 : agreement of Paris is coming into effect

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Photo Laurent Troude pour Libération

Today is a big day for the environment and international relations. The pact proposed by France last year as part of the COP 21 has been approved by 55 countries. The text predicts to stabilise the increase of temperatures and global warming.

France is calling this Friday the “historical day for our planet”. French government can be proud of the ratification of the COP 21. For Ségolène Royal, the French Environment Minister and the current president of COP 21, that is very good news for the future of our planet. She talks about “a hard signal to the whole of society actors”. She also assures that “the world is changing”. But what are concretely the consequences of this agreement ? Of course, we won’t see the difference immediately. However, in the long term, countries which have ratified the treaty are committing to make an effort about their environmental impact. And this promise will pass by serious measures like decreasing greenhouse gas emissions or containing the temperature increase under 2 degrees.

In the last years, environmental issues have been growing up. Sustainable development has become one of the big international issues. Datas are more and more alarming. Yet, we have to wait for the next summit of the COP 22 which will take place in Marrakech. The aim of this meeting will be to define application means of Paris treaty.

Heloïse Noël, IEJ 3E


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