CSA throws a red card against I-Télé

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Crédit: Reuters
Crédit: Reuters

This Thursday , the High Council of Audiovisual (CSA) pronounced two formal notices against I-Télé editor.

It is a weight support for employees from I-Télé, who voted on Thursday their 19th day of strike. The CSA noted “a breach of honesty and rigor requirements”. This observation is consistent with the I-Télé strikers, who want the departure of Jean-Marc Morandini. The second notice is about the absence of ethics committee since September 2015, which is stipulated in the agreement of the chain, responsible for contributing to the respect of the principle of pluralism. This will give arguments to the rebellious journalists, calling for a code of ethics to guarantee their independence. And just have the means to do their job in a proper environment.

The notice is a warning before the sanction. CSA may impose penalties if the channel does not respond to its requests. Furthermore, the high council of audiovisual is worried about the persistence of social conflict and “has no jurisdiction to arbitrate a dispute which falls under the labor law”. The direction of I-Télé responded immediately. I-Télé noted that when the show “Morandini live” is back it will be subject to the same quality and rigor as all the programs of the channel. The ethics committee will be established quickly.



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