Deadly Blast in Turkey

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A violent blast on Friday 4th November in Turkey has caused at least 8 deaths and more than 100 injured people.

The burst happened at the sunrise in a city called Diyarbakir. This one is considered as the Kurdish capital of the area. This event may be a possible terrorist attack.

The explosion occured next to a police building. Two policemen have been killed. According to the Turkish first minister, Binali Yildirim, the attack has been comitted by Kurdish separatists from the labor party (PKK). The Turkish government, the United States and the European Union classify this organization as a terrorist one. The members of the PKK blown up a car full of explosive materials.

This detonation has appeared in an atmosphere of political tensions. Some politicians from the Democratic Peoples Party (HDP) such as Salahattin Demirtas and Figen Yüksekdag have been arrested. They are the target of an antiterrorist investigation from the government. These arrestations take place in a purge context against some opponents in Turkey. They are the consequences of the emergency state declared by the president Erdogan following the failure of a punch back in July.

In total, at least 11 deputies from the HDP have been arrested according to a list spreaded by the ministry of interior.

Alexandra Hery, Iej 3E


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