Goncourt price for Leïla Slimani

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Credits Martin Bureau/AFP

The French prestigious Goncourt price was won by Leïla Slimani on November the 3rd and presented at the Drouant restaurant in Paris, in front of 3 other candidates: Catherine Cusset, Régis Jauffret and the last but not the least Gaël Faye.

Leïla Slimani imposed herself with her second novel Chanson Douce only, published by Gallimard. It tells a story of two young kids killed by their nurse. We can say that the title chosen is misleading…

The young writer was acclaimed by the judges, and she was designated on the first round. Many famous people were delighted by this choice, like Bernard Pivot who said “we return to the tradition of Goncourt price,” talking about the choice to celebrate a young writer.

For this thirty-five year-old writer born in Marocco, success wasn’t expected, and her book is a real thriller which can be devoured, but at the same time, it’s an incredible novel which can be read as a condensation of human relationship, in particular the domination and social misery. A dark theme but still one that anyone can relate to. After receiving the price, Leila Slimani said “I’m very happy. I slept very well, which is strange”. We think she can sleep quietly for long years.

Marine Dupont, 3E Gr2


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