Lucky Luke – “Luke, la terre promise” is released this today

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From RTL site.
From RTL site.


Silex and the city creator takes up the adventures of the famous hero Lucky Luke. The comics will be available in bookshops on November the 4th to celebrate the 70th birthday of the hero. “The man who shoots faster than his shadow” will have to escort a family who came from Eastern Europe across the Wild West of the United States. The date of release has not been chosen by coincidence, as it marks the 70th birthday of the cult figure, created by Morris. After Laurent Gerra and Jacques Pessis, Jul wrote and signed and Achdé drew the seventh album of the Adventures of Lucky Luke by Morris.

René Goscinny family has been a victim of the Final Solution.

Along with Asterix, Lucky Luke is a blockbuster of the 9th art. The publisher has already planned to launch 500,000 copies on the market. He believes in the relevance of this new story that pays tribute to René Goscinny. The comics writer had lost a part of his family, during the “Final Solution” perpetrated by the Nazis during World War II.

It is conscientiously that Jul wanted to explore the difficult subject of emigration. To our colleagues from Le Point, he explained precisely the choice of this subject: “The theme of Lucky Luke and the Jews has immediately fascinated everybody … It’s an important opening chapter of the American history, which had strangely been completely overshadowed by Goscinny … Was it a fear of offending, modesty while the story of the migration of Jews from Eastern Europe to the New World rang with his personal history ? Today, precisely because we are in a period of identity tension, it seemed important to choose a story that told a clash of cultures, without watering it down, but betting on cheerfulness, and on the intelligence of the reader. “Can history make people laugh? There is some hope. We’ll find out on November the 4th by discovering the Promised Land.

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