Migrants evacuated from Stalingrad camp

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Stalingrad camp
Source: Le Monde

Ile-de-France administrative centre has announced the end of migrants’ occupation in Stalingrad, subway station in the North East of Paris. This is the most important plan of evacuation of migrants in the French capital.

The operations lasted all this morning and finished at midday. About 3,800 migrants were moved in reception centers without brutality and violence. Before sunrise, several hundred men and women were gathered, bags in hands, in front of numerous policemen, near the camp. The operation was extended until the underground stop Jean Jaurès and avenue de Flandres, located in the same area.

During the operation, eighty four buses were provided to take the migrants to reception centres  in Ile-de-France. Some of them were relieved to leave the place. “It is ok for me. What I want the most, are French papers,” said Khalid, a 28-year-old Guinean boy. On the other hand, certain migrants are more worried “Where are they taking us? What are they going to do with us?” yelled Abderrahmane, 19.

According to the French Minister for Housing, Emmanuel Cosse, the city of Paris will take a good care of them. “There are not many families, we’ve got places to accommodate everybody”, she declared. This is the second biggest operation of evacuation since the discharge of the Calais Jungle, last week.

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