Opposed to neutral tobacco package, Nicolas Sarkozy incurred the wrath

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Source : Yahoo.fr

The ex French president Nicolas Sarkozy said Wednesday that the neutral tobacco packaging is a threat to the names of regional products such as wine and cheese.

« It’s a bigger battle than we imagine,» he said. This statement came at a meeting the Republican party was holding on the subject of farming crisis, in which the candidate was participating. The leader of the opposition was surprising in his defense of expertise and peasant production by addressing the plain tobacco packaging. This measure has been adopted under the Health Act, accepted in December. The opposition of the Republican chairman aroused a big anger of the Minister of Health, Marisol Touraine.

« The little jokes, on the eve of World Day against cancer, are both poor and misplaced,» the Minister insisted. But she is not the only one who reacted to Nicolas Sarkozy’s words. On Twitter the next day, the green congressman François de Rugy has also rushed to the aid of neutral packaging: « Nicolas Sarkozy likened cigarettes to agricultural production as the wines of France : it’s insulting to local products ». Corinne Lepage, the former green candidate for presidency added, “To compare the neutral package and a neutral bottle of wine is like comparing big tobacco to centuries of know-how.”

Lisa Berdah, IEJ 3E


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