Presidential 2017: Fillon pulls out of the game right !

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258c6aa72f40ac57963fbb4d2c743119106aa1632016-POOL/AFP/Eric FEFERBERG

The debate opposed Jean-Francois Cope, Francois Fillon, Alain Juppe, Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, Bruno Le Maire, Jean-Frédéric Poisson and Nicolas Sarkozy, meeting in the Salle Wagram in Paris.

After the first encounter three weeks ago, this latest debate was more punchy, with candidate more comfortable, and above all a debate much less annoying than the first one with very heated exchanges.

Following this new confrontation among the seven candidates, Alain Juppé remains ahead in the polls before Nicolas Sarkozy. But beware the return of Francois Fillon!

The former Prime Minister has stood out in the second debate. For many he even comes out as a winner of the evening.

His serious, calm and ease seems to have made the difference throughout the evening. The deputy from Paris is the only one not having attacked Nicolas Sarkozy, highly targeted by the other candidates.

Fillon took risks!

François Fillon has assumed decline in police numbers between 2007 and 2012. According to him, “bringing the number of police officers down is leading to a dead end (…) In the present state of our finances, nobody will create 50,000 police stations.”

Finally he stood out for not entering into the debate “Bayrou”: “With six million unemployed, 100% debt, Islamic totalitarianism at our doors (…) and the major issue of this primary would be the Mayor of Pau?”

There are some days Fillon took third place with Bruno Le Maire in the polls. However, Le Maire has been destabilized in yesterday’s debate and will certainly lose his position. François Fillon, himself, is gaining ground and is back on the Juppé-Sarkozy leading duo. It will be necessary to count on him.

Antoine BESSON, IEJ 3E


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