Primary election : Alain Juppé corroborates his advantage

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The second debate for the primary election of the French right wing took place on Thursday, November 3rd. Voters are going to select their favorite candidate on the 27th of November. The debate took place in the Wagram room and was broadcasted on BFM TV.

Among the seven candidates, Alain Juppé is the favorite in the opinion poll, considered by the voters as the closest one to their torments. He is also judged to be the most skilled to fight the terrorist threat. Alain Juppé embodies a certain kind of wisdom which differs from the other candidates’ arguments. 

Alain Juppé is a famous French politician. He has been Minister of the Budget, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Jacques Chirac’s Prime Minister. He is also the Mayor of Bordeaux since 1995.

Yesterday, Alain Juppé was confident. In order to reassure the voters, he announced :

“I am not the kind of man who changes every six months.”

His major competitor is Nicolas Sarkozy, the former French President. Indeed, Nicolas Sarkozy follows Alain Juppé on his heels. If Alain Juppé is the favorite one in general, Nicolas Sarkozy is the favorite of the voters of the right and the center.

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