Scandal in South Korea

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Photo Credit – France 24

The president of South Korea, Park Geun-hye, has accepted this morning to cooperate with the justice. In fact, she is implicated in a political scandal which has been sweeping the country for  few months.

She has decided to talk again. This morning in a TV statement, Park Geun-hye apologized to her nation in response to the political scandal that occurred in South Korea recently. A second discourse in 10 days. The head of State recognized that she “let the guard down” and “has difficulty to forgive herself and sleep at night”.

In tears, she decided to distance Choi Soon-sil, a friend of 40 years, who is the principal accused in this case. Indeed, she is accused of having turned away money from the country to her own purposes, of having access to confidential documents and of having a role in the government affairs. In reaction to the pressure of opposition, the president also sacked her prime minister and two of her main ministers.

At the lowest in the polls, with only 5% of favorable opinion, Park-Gun-hye has still one year to serve at the head of State. A year which will be complicated, media and people claiming her demission, with demonstrations in the streets.

Daniel Marques, IEJ 3E


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