The Crown : the new series about the youth of Elizabeth II

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The Crown
 Source : IndieWire

With a royal budget, the new series The Crown on Netflix is an event which relates the secrets of Elizabeth’s II reign broadcast online this Friday.

The series intends to trace the destiny of the Queen Elizabeth II and the last 70 years of the residents of Buckingham Palace. An ambitious production with an excessive budget (110 million euros for the first 10 episodes), which is the most expensive series ever that promises to expose the secret face of the Windsor’s family members. Two other seasons are already ordered.

The director Peter Morgan explains that all the details with the costumes and the actors’ performances has to be perfect for the viewers: “We tried to do the most authentic as possible”. Interviewed at the moment of the show’s promotion, the director revealed that the royal family was anxious about the show: “I think they are in the same time nervous and curious”.

Something tells us that Kate Middleton will be watching this…


Vincent Girod, IEJ 3E




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