The new bet of Air France

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source: les é
source: les é


Yesterday, in a press conference, Jean-Marc Janaillac the CEO of Air France, announced  the birth of a new company. 

The new company of Air France will not be low cost or classic. For the moment, it has no name yet.

The goal is to revive the long haul flights which are going bankrupt. Air France aims to compete with companies from the middle east like Emirates or Quatar Airways, on flights to Asia. On the issue of flights in Europe, they want to take the place of Easyjet or Ryanair.

10 planes would be used by this new company. The first flights to Europe would arrive in 2017 and in the rest of the world it would be in 2018.

For the CEO Jean Marc Janaillac, this company will become  “the laboratory of innovations on which we test a lot of things”. According to him, “digital is everywhere”. Air France wants to create bunker berths for its economic classes. It will not be claustrophobic. This news is not so original, as Air France already had bunk cabins in 1950.

This new company may help Air France to become the leader of the aviation sector.


Clément Moreira, IEJ 3E



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