The poppy of the discord

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England and Scotland football teams will face each other on 11th of November, on Armistice day, for FIFA world cup elimination in Wembley, London. For this occasion, both of the teams plan to wear a poppy on their jersey, as they usually in their respective championships in tribute to victims of World War I.

Only problem, the FIFA forbids every political, religious or commercial message on national teams’ jerseys. They have already threatened both of the national federations with sanctions if they wear the poppy.

In the Barclay’s premier league and the Scottish Premiership, teams are wearing poppy from the beginning of October to the 11th of November. This game between England and Scottish squads was the occasion of a great commemoration. However, the director of the FA (English Football Association), Martin Glenn, believes that no laws are being broken, and that the FIFA is only misinterpreting the situation.

Still according to Martin Glenn, believing that it is not a political message,  both teams will wear the poppy, and are not expecting big sanctions: “I’m confident it won’t come to anything draconian.”

We will see the 11th of November, at 7:45 PM if both teams will honor the victims of WWI.

Elie Soussan, IEJ 3E


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