The Renaudot award

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Yasmin Reza, a French playwright, essay writer and novelist, won the Renaudot award, the French literary prize, for her thrilling crime novel, “Babylone”. The winners of this award were announced on November 3th at the Parisian restaurant Drouant.

“Babylone”, comical book published by Flammarion, is an existentially funny and thorough story. As often as she can, Reza represents France regularly abroad through her theater plays. “Babylone” is her third book, it deals with a lady who seems depressed and her neighborhood. Yasmina Reza wants to focus our attention on “Immense yesterday of our lives”. She hints at the human existence against the attacks of insignificance, the wounds of loneliness, the wear of time. Thanks to her heroine, Reza gives her sensitive opinion about intimate gestures, banal objects, and ordinary feelings  which are “all the Forces of a tiny life”. She underlines the efforts of a lady to stay until the end presentable.

Reza, has won many other prizes, like two Tony Awards for her plays “Art” and “God of Carnage”.

To sum things up, Yasmina Reza is an iron fist in a velvet glove. “Babylone” is a book in line with its time. A must read!

Maryann Lorcet, IEJ3E


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