Trauma for Mosul’s civilians

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Source : Ouest France


While the Iraqi army tries to move forward through the most external streets of Mosul, the first civilians found in the city start to bring testimony to the horror they’ve been victims of.

There are actually two types of violence civilians have suffered. The first and main one is the physical and mental torment made by Daesh on the population living with them. Because the members of Daesh troops consider the territory as their caliphate, taking all goods as if they were theirs. Witness of that kind of situation a civilian attested: “They were coming to our houses, sometimes at around 10:00p.m. They took our car saying that it was on the caliphate’s land.” Another civilian said after having escaped his house: “We come back from the dead’s world, to the alive one.”

The second huge problem civilians have been confronted to, is the mistake Sabawi Iraqi militia made between them, and the members of Daesh. In a couple of villages in the southeast of Mosul, civilians were arrested or attacked as an act of revenge. Going in those villages, members of that militia arbitrarily arrested some of the villagers escaping their houses, charging them for being part of Daesh.

Anne Duchêne, IEJ 3E



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