US elections: The final battle

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4 days before the US elections, the gap is not widening between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and the results of most recent polls are situated in the margin of error.

The American people have 4 days to think about the next four years. All the country is holding its breath because the result of the election has never been so uncertain : it’s fifty/fifty. In this last clash the two fighters punch their all strength in the battle and they’re knocking much harder than they ever did. Accusations against Hillary Clinton increase. The recent email controversy has weakened her already feeble position: she looses credibility and her large advantage. It’s important to consider that FBI (where the controversy comes from) is respected in all Americans’ minds and it’s words will not be questioned so it’s a hard blow for Clinton’s camp.

But it’s not better on the other side: Donald Trump is in the middle of accusations of sexual assaults. 12 women made a complaint against the business man (the last in date is Miss Finland who made her complaint on October 28th) and his reputation of sexist has increased.

For many Americans this election is not about electing the best candidate but the least worst. In few days they will vote in for “the most powerful man or woman of the free world”. But it’s not just the affair of American people but the affair of the whole world : in this context of economic, political and social crisis the result of the elections will influence international diplomacy of all continents.

François-Joseph Ambroselli, IEJ 3E


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