Architecture in Taiwan fascinates

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Source: Le Monde
Source: Le Monde

And so is its architecture. And food. And its spectacular scenery. And its hot springs.
Dominated by dramatic mountains and traditional Chinese temples, this “beautiful island” of 23 million citizens never ceases to surprise. On and on it goes.

By the end of 2018, three more Art centers as well as entertaining performances will animate the heart of the capital, where the Taipei National Theater still attracts people from all over the world, ever since it opened in 1987.

Designed by Dutch architect, Rem Kolas, Taipei Performing Arts Center will be built in the huge sphere-shaped proscenium playhouse (a project estimated at 163 million euros). A little bit more on the South side, the Wei-Wu-Ying Center of Arts,  is getting more and more popular as people qualify it as the “biggest Asian Art Center”.
Known for creating conceptual architecture, Japanese Toyo Ito has imagined the National Taichung Theater In the center of the country, an innovation that has already opened its doors in the city of Taichung.

Needless to say that Taiwan continues to fascinates artists from around the world. With over 140 cultural centers in less than three years, who knows what the island of joy and happiness holds for us in the futur ?

Amandine Pignon, IEJ 3F





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