Axelle Lemaire summons B. Cazeneuve to suspend the TES file

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Source: L’Express


On the 7th of November, the secretary of State, Axelle Lemaire asked for the TES (secure electronic documents files) to be suspended.

The secretary of state in charge of the digital, Axelle Lemaire asked the Minister of Home Affairs Bernard Cazeneuve to suspend the application of the TES file. She claims that she was not kept informed and that the final decision was taken « behind her back » on the 30th of October. B. Cazeneuve responded that the draft of decree followed all required steps.
The biometric file aims to reduce the procedures and steps to renew the national identity card and the passport. It would also allow to free 2,000 full time posts and to redeploy them on other missions as well as lower the risk of fraud by comparing digital prints.
Access to the file is permitted to town halls and prefecture employees entrusted to renew those documents, as well as law enforcement agencies. In total 10,000 people with different level of accreditation have access to private information on French citizens, such as date and place of birth or physical attributes…
The CNIL (national committee of computering and liberties) fears the files could fall into the wrong hands and would have preferred that NIC would have been equipped with computer chips.

Amélie Hillairet, IEJ3F


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