COP 22 in Marrakesch

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This Monday opened in Marrakesch the 22nd conference on climate change (COP 22) where 20,000 participants are expected. A year after the Paris agreement, many issues remain still unsolved.

What is a COP ? 

The COP 22 is the 22th Coference of the parties, to the United Nation Framework Convention on Climate Change. It provides a comprehensive framework for climate negotiations, recognizes the existence of a climate change of human origin and gives industrialized countries the primacy of the responsibility to fight against this phenomenon. The 22nd climate conference is held in Marrakesch (Morocco) from 7 to 18 November. As each COP, the reserved part in the negotiations, the “blue zone”, will be placed under the authority of the United Nations. A “green zone” will bring together civil society, business and non-state actors. 

What are the main challenges of COP 22? 

The main challenges are to specify the implementation of the rules adopted by the Paris agreement, agree on the date of finalization of these common rules and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and counter the effects of global warming.

By Nlandu Jessy, IEJ 1D


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