French bishops apologize

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For the first time, 115 French bishops met in Lourdes. They met to ask pardon for their “Guilty silence” about the several cases of paedophilia. Pope Francis had called in September the Catholic church to pray for the victims of the abuses. He said: “We have to ask forgiveness for the sins committed by the church authorities who covered the abusers.”

“We must leave the guilty too long silence the Church,” said the French bishop Luc Crépy. Pope Francis decided to organize a day of prayer and celebration. Bishops were asked to fast during all the day and a memorial mass has been served for the victims. This is a huge and important advance in the ecclesiastical world. In fact the last few years have been charged in the scandal linking Church and young children.

The emblematic case of Father Bernard Preynat, a priest from Lyon suspected of abusing nearly 70 young scouts, has sealed the image of Cardinal Philippe Barbarin, Archbishop of Lyon.

Lucas Honvo, IEJ 1D


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