Ireland-All Blacks, 111 years later

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After 111 years and 18 defeats, the national squad of Ireland has beaten down All Blacks in Chicago, Saturday. It is the first time that the Irish players won against New-Zealand (40-29). In the same time, they have stopped the unbelievable series of world’s champions (18 victories). Their last loss dates back to August 2015 in Australia.

Ireland received a standing ovation from the stadium of Chicago. The team dominated their opponents in every field, Steve Hansen, headcoach of New-Zealand was very angry about that : “Ireland played better than we did and deserved to win!”

Ireland won 33-8 at the half-time ! All Blacks have reacted with 27 points in 12 minutes but with encouragements of the public, Robbie Hershaw marked the point of victory at four minutes from the end, to finish on a 40-29 historical game.

It is the second time that the Stadium of Chicago could see a historical moment this week. The club of baseball, Chicago Cubs have won for the first time the title on World Series Championship after 108 years of waiting.

By Icapi Gaetan, IEJ 1D


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