Kurdish forces are moving towards Mosul

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Source : Afp.com
Source : Afp.com

Iraqi Kurdish fighters tightened a little more each day their grip on Mosul (Iraq). Tuesday, taking the city of Bachiqa, Iraqi troops and their allies resumed gradually the control of northern Iraq, defended by a few thousand jihadists attacked on all fronts since the beginning of the offensive, dated 17 October. These attacks are supported by the United States deploying ground advisers, and lead at the head of an international coalition air strikes on the positions of the Islamic state.

This operation, launched by Baghdad, set a target to peshmerga, the Kurdish fighters, taking Bachiqa, a town twelve kilometers northeast of Mosul. The offensive is a success because according to Jabbar Yawar, an official of the autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan, the city is “complete control” of the Peshmerga.

The official said: “Our forces are clearing mines and sweeping the city”. These operations are difficult to conduct because when they feel in danger, the jihadists are used to conducting suicide attacks and trap streets and houses with explosives. Despite this, a large number of terrorists have fled Bachiqa and are actively pursued by the Iraqi forces, which are close to the city center and the Tigris River that runs through town. The Islamic state is gradually losing its control over northern Iraq, but the battles in that region will continue as evil will not be totally eradicated. And that’s what Iraqi troops and their allies are working on every day.


By Jérémy Leduc, IEJ 1D


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