New Delhi’s population is suffocating in Smog

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India’s capital, New Delhi, has been covered with a cloud of pollution for the past 8 days. The government decided to take drastic measures to reduce the current degree of pollution.

Source: Le Figaro

Last week, pollution levels hit the roof due to various reasons. The most damning one was caused by burning crop stubble in nearby farms. Add this to car and factory emossions as well as a low outside temperature (pollution has more trouble to dissipate in cold weather) and the perfect asphyxiating cloud of pollution is created. Delhi’s Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal, chaired an emergency cabinet meeting on the 6th of November to discuss the rising pollution levels in the city. To Kejriwal, “Pollution levels in Delhi are so high that Delhi has become a gas chamber”.

The Minister in Chief also decided to take emergency measures on the current situation: schools will be closed until Wednesday, a ban on construction and demolition activity will be held for the next 5 days and Badarpar city’s power plant will be shut down for the next 10 days. Also, to contain dust pollution, streets will be vacuumed and sprinkled Monday through Thursday and air purifiers and mist fountains will be carried out through the city.

According to CNN researchers, New Delhi is the most polluted city on Earth right now, far ahead of Mexico City, Los Angeles and Beijing.

By Adrianna Couchot, IEJ3F


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