Tension between Hong Kong and China

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Source: L'Express
Source: L’Express

A new crisis is feared in China. Two independentists were banished from the parliament, after defying the authority of Beijing, but the deputies who banned them are not democratically elected.

Thousands of people demonstrated on Sunday in Hong-Kong to denounce the interference of Beijing in the crisis.

“Hong Kong has its own legal system and should not be controlled by the Chinese authorities,” said Sunday one of the protesters. “We have to tell the government our displeasure.” A lot of people are afraid that the freedom written in the fundamental law of the former colony is going to disapear, and Hong-Kong will be totaly controled by China.

Yau Wai-ching and Baggio Leung, struck with a banner bearing the inscription: “Hong Kong is not China” when pronouncing their oath. They call for independence, which equals a betrayal at the Beijing eyes. They also refused to pronounce correctly the word « China », and used pejorative words.

Other deputies questioned how far Beijing would fear for freedom of expression in the territory, which is increasingly controlled.

Hong Kong and China have not experienced such tensions since the city’s takeover from the UK in 1997.

Julia San Martin, IEJ 3F


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