The beginning of the future airport Notre Dame des Landes isn’t about to be celebrated 

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Source: Libération

Monday, at the hearing of the Appeal of the Administrative Court of Nantes, public rapporteur recommended the cancellation of the four decrees essential for the launch of construction of the airport of Notre-Dame-des-Landes. The magistrate recommends instead the redevelopment of the existing airport.

Indeed, the area is wet to 98%, and the building would destroy many protected species.”The future airport will degrade water quality without immediate compensation,” said the public rapporteur. “Can we live without an ideal airport? Yes. Can we live without water? No.”

What do ecologists think? 

Inevitably, they are satisfied because this opinion reinforces what they have been explaining for years: this airport would be “oversized” and the work would be in violation of several articles of the Code of the environment.  On his Twitter account, the Europe Ecology spokesman, François de Rugy,  (The Green Party, EE-LV) welcomed a “victory for” the ecologists and he added: “Do not start work before the appeal is within the right direction. This is now under legal imperative.”

But the tension between the two camps is strong. On November 5, the pro-airport symbolically filed 270,000 ballots of votes in favor of the construction of the new airport opposite the ‘prefecture’. On November 10, it was the turn of opponents to protest. Organizations hostile to the project call for a new operation of “vigilant tractors” on the ZAD. This means that the decision of the judges is watched, as is the position adopted by the then government.

Marine Sabourin, IEJ 1D


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