US Election : East Coast Polls Open Tonight – Clinton or Trump- Statistics Pour Out

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_92100652_prez_thinpromo_2Tonight will be the result of one-month fights between Clinton and Trump- statistics are not as clear as before.

If you asked “In your opinion, who’s got to win the election” about two weeks ago, the answer seemed simple. There’d be no hesitation. But now the two candidates both have their own scandals which turned the prognostics upside down.

According to the BBC statistics Trump managed to regain Clinton’s voters since  her latest scandal with the FBI survey which keeps on showing proves of her implication. It appears that Trump regained the swing states of Arizona, Florida and Nevada even if it represents only few per cent. But the Republican candidate has also a large panel of scandals as the latest one which concerns sexual abuses. Despite, he has been the favorite subject of politicians’ and journalists’ attacks for the past month, his regaining of votes surprised all the country.

Even if these statistics can be trustworthy, they cannot represent all the country because it is only figures. What is relevant in interpreting them is that it shows how the election has totally changed within two weeks, and that people – even politicians – are lost in the turnaround of the election. Trump and Clinton are not the only two candidates, but the favorite ones: two different visions of America but similarly damaged reputation, the same level of scandals and the same deception.



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