American President : Trump’s election platform

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Source : Direct Matin
Source : Direct Matin

Today, 9th November, the he Republican Donald Trump was elected the 45th President of the United States with 276 Great elector’s votes.

Last night, in the United States, it was a very close vote between the Democrat Hillary Clinton and her competitor the Republican Donald Trump. The main swing states were won by the Republican such as Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Iowa and Pennsyvania.  The victory in the presidential race goes to the billionaire and businessman Donald Trump.

Flash Back on his controversial electoral platform. Donald Trump, the man who was critiziced by a lot of feminist associations and accused of rape seems to have a disturbing election manifesto.

Regarding his domestic policy point of view, he has planned to build a wall of 1.600 km between the United States and South America in order to prevent the illegal immigration. This construction might cost around 2 million dollars.

For the economy sector, he defends protectionism; he is planning to reduce taxes in order to make America great Again. He’s also against abortion and claims that he will cut off the Obamacare, the national health care that was implemented by the current President Barack Obama.

Regarding his foreign policy, he would like to defeat the Islamic State with the help of the Russian President, Vladimir Putin.


Laura Afonso Almeida, 3F2


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