Donald Trump President : reactions of French politicians

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Source : Francebleu

In the morning, the victory of Donald Trump in the presidential election of the United States was formalized. The Republican has won against the favorite Democrat Hillary Clinton, which activated a wave of reactions of French politicians.

The first reaction which marked the results of the election in France is the declaration of Marine LePen before the official result. The president of the National Front has congratulated the Republican even before his victory was officially confirmed and the American people who she declared  “free”. Her premature reaction has irritated the French who still believed in Clinton’s victory. The former president of the French Republic Nicolas Sarkozy, explains that the victory of Trump “expresses the refusal of a unique thought of the American people”. A declaration that leaves no one indifferent and sobering about the upcoming French elections.

On the other side Jean-Pierre Raffarin former prime minister, who was never partisan of Trump,  dreads that the scenario of his election repeats in the next spring in France, on the occasion of the presidential election. The far-left militant Jean-Christophe Cambadélis warns the left party : “The Left is warned! Let us continue our irresponsible childish acts and it will be Marine Le Pen.” The last one to express his reaction about the victory of Trump was François Hollande. The President of the Republic congratulated Donald Trump for his election, “as it is natural between two democratic heads of state”. He considered that this result was opening “a period of uncertainty”.

The election of Donald Trump has not only enlivened the country of the United States, it has also created a climate of fear about the France of tomorrow.

Morgane Bouvier, IEJ3F

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