The law project “Sapin II” against corruption adopted by Parliament

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Le Monde

Lobbying, corruption, corporate transparency and remuneration of top managers: the parliament adopted the law project.

The large law project “Sapin II” on transparency of economic life was definitely adopted on Tuesday in the French Parliament. The deputies, who have the final say on the senators, voted for this last great five-year economic text by 308 votes against 171, with 39 abstentions.

According to Finance Minister Michel Sapin, who gave his name to the law project after arguing a first anticorruption text in 1993, he “proclaims the requirement of a copy Republic” as promised by François Hollande in 2012. It will also “raise France among the best European and international standards” in the fight against corruption.

The “disagreement” opposition

This arsenal will sign “in the heritage of the left”, praised the rapporteur to the Assembly Sébastien Denaja (Socialist party). The measures complement a law adopted in 2012, strengthening the fight against tax fraud to the law on transparency affair public life.

The deputies for the Republican Party (“Les Républicains”) voted against by “disagreement” on the directory and lobbyists over financial reporting imposed on multinationals and NGOs by the Assembly. Their speaker Olivier Marleix advocated the need to “balance” between “responsibility and protection of whistleblowers”.

Baptiste Meslin, IEJ 3F


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