Canada, the Anti-Trump refuge ?

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The election of Donald Trump as US President has an unexpected consequence. Many Americans are  considering to leave the country and move to their Northern neighbors.

Six months ago, Joe Goldman, a 25-year-old entrepreneur based in Texas, impressed all the citizens when he founded a dating website like no other. “Maple Match” is a tinder style application for Americans who want to flee Donald Trump. The application makes it easy for them to find the ideal Canadian partner saving them from the presidency they fear.


Hundreds of Americans promised they would move across the border if Trump came to be elected.  A few minutes following the presidential results, Americans frantically searched on Google “moving to Canada”.

Earlier in the day, the Mayor of Montreal tweeted “Do take note: our office integration of Montreal newcomers will exceptionally be opened after the American vote…”, a reaction that did not leave US citizens indifferent. While Real Estate Agencies took this opportunity to advertise, Mapple Match based in the States, saw a massive surge in new users following the 8th November’s official results.

Will America run out of Americans soon?

Amandine Pignon, IEJ3F


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