French journalist Olivier Bertrand is free

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Source : Photo DR

French journalist has been released after three days of detention in Turkey. 

Back in Paris on Sunday evening, Olivier Bertrand was able to talk about his captivity in Turkey. Arrested during a report in Gaziantep on Friday, he pointed out the injustices he had suffered by the Turkish police. “For three days, I wasn’t told once the precise charges, criminal or administrative, which could weigh against me”, has declared the journalist of “Les Jours” to Franceinfo. According to him, the police were obsessed with the codes on his phone to retrieve contacts. However, he wanted to relativize his situation. It was only “a glimpse of what is happening  to tens of thousand of people in Turkey”.

In France, this case has aroused a great mobilization, in the media as well as in the government. Christophe Deloire, general secretary of the watchdog group Reporters Without Borders, lamented the lack of democracy in a country where the government has things to hide. For his part, French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault had demanded his release.

Olivier Bertrand’s arrest took place in a difficult context between Ankara and Bruxelles. Since the “Coup” attempt in July, several journalists and opponents have been arrested. The French journalist believes that “Turkey is plunging into a real dictatorship”. His arrest didn’t discourage the former Liberation journalist. Olivier Bertrand hopes to return to Turkey, one of his “obsessions”, to continue his work. He wants to escape an inadmissibility and not have to go there underground.

Clément Gavard, IEJ 3F


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