Marine Le Pen on BBC: UK is not OK

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Marine Le Pen’s appearance on the BBC Sunday, November 13th caused a lot of reactions from the British population.

Source : Florence Cassisi / AFP

Marine Le Pen’s visit to the Andrew Marr Show, the BBC’s flagship political show, has been criticized by many British people who considered it indecent to give her the power to express herself,  especially on the date of Remembrance day commemoration. This program was recorded just after the election of Donald Trump.

First, the viewers have shown their disappointment. On Twitter, we could read “By having Marine Le Pen on Marr, the BBC legitimises and normalises her. And totally inappropriate to host a fascist on Remembrance day” or even “Something ironic when French far-right leader, Marine Le Pen, speaks on UK TV on Remembrance Sunday. Britons fought fascism and racism”.

Moreover, some politicians criticized her visit. Angela Rayner, a British Labour member, said “Why not interview our veterans who fought against the fascists and lost so many comrades?”. Then, Tristram Hunt who has the same occupation, declared: “As we commemorate those who gave their lives to fight fascism, it is grotesque to invite Marine Le Pen for Remembrance day”.

This new controversy isn’t really favourable for Marine Le Pen’s international status and reputation, which is already really damaged.

Julie Mycke, IEJ 3F



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