NRJ Music Awards 2016: Soprano Wins Best French Man Artist Prize

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Source: Le Point
Source: Le Point

Year 2016 is the greatest for Soprano who wins the Best French Artist Award among several talents like David Guetta, Amir or Maitre Gims.

Soprano’s success occurred a long time after his beginning in Rap Music. Coming from the district of Marseille, living in the poor conditions of its council estates, the artist has not been as famous as he is nowadays. He began rap music in 1995 with his first group, “Psy 4 de la Rime”, singing about sadness and violence of the French youth.

When they all became older, they separated and that’s when Soprano’s career took off. His most recent famous songs such as “Cosmo” or “Ils nous connaissent pas” are totally different from his first ones. Today he expresses his desire to gather all the people, no matter their economical or social differences and try to be the voice of the helping youth from districts. There is also a net improvement in his instrumentals as the singer perfects his style using pianos, trumpets, violins and church chorus.

“Cosmopolitanie”, a perfect committed album

His 2016 album “Cosmopolitanie” is by far his best album ever, talking about serious subjects. “Hello”, “Justice”, “Barman”, “Alleluïa”  as well as nine other songs constitute this album. He talks about wars in Muslim countries but also the sad mood in France in our time: workers who are tired about taxes and low salaries, his involvement in religion, the desperation women feel after miscarriage and other burdensome subjects.

In his “Preface” he explains that he wants to elaborate a better world for his children, his reason to get more mature and engaged. That is why he thanks them so much and God, what made the 18th edition of the NRJ Music Award more emotional than ever.




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