Paris Tourism at crisis: Valerie Pecresse announces a plan

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Source: Libération
Source: Libération

On the 29th of October, Valerie Pecresse, Regional councellor of Ile-de-France, has announced in « Le Journal du dimanche » a plan to relaunch tourism in Paris and its region. In total, the region will dedicate 23 million of euros to tourism with the budget of 2017. She wants to install « volunteers of tourism » who will be English-speaking students deployed on the main touristic sites in charge of informing foreign tourists. They will be paid like interns, approximately 250€. One thousand of them will be recruited by summer 2017. Ms. Pecresse also put forward the idea of a « citypass », an access card for public transport to «make it easier for tourists ».
Tourism in Paris dropped between January and August 2016, creating a loss of one billion euros in the tourism industry. This is due to the fact that there were 1 million fewer tourists in Paris and its suburbs. One of the main reasons would be the Paris attacks combined with the bad weather. Safety seems to be the focus which is why Pecresse wants to develop, with the Ministry of Interior, mobile police stations granted by the region, with a cost estimated at around 1 million euros. A website will be introduced to tourists to allow them to prepare their stay and come with a relaxed mind. She called for the Île-de-France region to join the effort of a promotional campaign to boost the image of France.

Amélie Hillairet, IEJ3F


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