Bob-Emploi, the start up which helps you to find a job

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Source : France Bleu
                                                                             Source : France Bleu

Thanks to an algorithm developed using data from the French unemployment agency “Pôle emploi”, this start-up created by Paul Duan, wants to respond as precisely as possible to the needs of jobseekers. 

The principle is simple. Easy to use, and mostly effective. “Bob Emploi”, the service designed by young entrepreneur Paul Duan, uses technology to help jobseekers find a job quickly.

How? Using the algorithm to “identify the best solution for each profile”. The platform of big data is officially inaugurated this Wednesday. The founder hopes to “reduce unemployment by 10% and save the French state several billion euros.”

The website which wants to be “a public citizen service” works with an algorithm capable of analyzing data on the labor market, the situation of each unemployment on the anonymized paths of millions of previous employments, to make them available to the user, explained Paul Duan, Tuesday to the AFP

“It’s possible to hold the hand of each jobseeker”

The user first informs the site about his course. As a first step, the program makes a diagnosis to build an “optimal” job search strategy or suggests training, based in particular on previous experience.

Then it suggest a daily accompaniment “it’s possible to hold the hand of each jobseeker over the duration because a job search lasts 12 months on average and it’s necessary to keep the rhythm and the moral,” analyzes Paul Duan.

Every day, “Bob emploi” advises five actions to advance in one’s research: rewrite one’s resume, go see a company that recruits, get in touch with such network, read such article …

“Every day, the person will have at least fulfilled a goal,” explains the founder of the website.

Naomie Benhamou, IEJ3F2


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