Bombings in Aleppo and Idlib

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Source: La Depêche

On Friday November 11, a few hours before expiration of  the L’aïd El Fitr truce bombings made about 20 dead civils including 9 children in Aleppo and Idlib.

The Russians and Syrian forces have bombed during the last 24 hours  the province of Idlib and the rebels locations in Aleppo. Radi Abdel Rahman (Syrian Observatory on Human Rights) said to the AFP “Russian military aircraft targeted all night and until morning several areas of Idlib.” He also said: “At the same time, the regime’s air force bombed the eastern districts of Aleppo”. The Allepo bombing is the consequence of the Damas wish to take back all the city.

Unfortunately, because of the bombing we can observe a depletion of food aid according to the U.N. Furthermore, a rescuer said: “the bombing hurt many civils in their own houses.”

Political context

The bombing occurs one week after the U.S election. Let’s recall that Donald Trump’s priority is the eradication of terrorism, and not to bring down Bachar Al-Assad, as was wishing Barack Obama. Bachar Al-Assad on the other hand said Donald Trump would be a natural ally and declared: “We cannot say anything about what he is going to do, but let’s say that if he is going to fight terrorism, of course we will be allies, natural allies in the same way as we are with the Russians, Iranians and many other countries that want to defeat terrorism.” Let’s recall that for Bachar Al-Assad all the opposing armed forces are terrorists.

Eloi Beys, IEJ3F



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