COP 22: For François Hollande, Washington must “respect its commitments about environment”

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In the COP 22, on Tuesday 15th November, François Hollande made a statement to recall the importance of the commitments taken previously. He avails of his speech to say to Washington that they have to “respect its commitments about environment.” The deal concluded in 2015, is to maintain the global warming under 2°C, and if it’s possible under 1,5 °C. It’s to shape its engagements taken in Paris in the COP 21, that the President of France gave his speech in front of the 180 chiefs of states, governors and ministers in Marrakech.

“The United States, first economical power in the world, second greenhouse gaz transmitter, must respect its commitments about the environment,” said François Hollande. “It’s not only their duty, it’s their interest.” His speaking was clearly a message directed to the United States and in particular to the new president-elect Donald Trump. “France will lead the dialogue with the United States with an open mind, but with requirement and determination,” says the French President.

In fact during his campaign, the Republican candidate has threatened to cancel the agreement taken one year ago in Paris. This deal was adopted by 103 countries, including three big polluters: United States, China and India. According to Donald Trump, rules about the limitation of the global warming will “kill employments and shops.” François Hollande has recalled during his statement “the role of Barack Obama… which was crucial to come to an agreement in Paris.”

Mégane Coulon, IEJ 3F2


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