Donald Trump’s Election: Michelle Obama offended of Ape in heels

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Source : miseeharris

According to the Washington Post, an American elected representative of the State of Virginia Pamela Ramsay Taylor has violently offended Michelle Obama. She described the First Lady as an “Ape in heels”, a convicted act which obliged her to leave her elected representative’s post. A racial insult which takes place only one week after the election of the republican Donald Trump. 

The election of the populist billionaire Donald Trump in the American presidential race woke the low instincts of some of his fellow countrymen, who do no longer hesitate  to utter openly racist, anti-semitic, islamophobic or homophobic insults. One of the first ones to pay the price for it is Michelle Obama. Pamela Ramsay Taylor an American elected representative of the State of Virginia compared the current first lady with the future first lady Melania Trump who should take a place in the White House in January. The insult took place on the Facebook page of the American elected representative.  A public declaration which forced her to leave her post.

“It will be so refreshing to have a classy, beautiful, dignified First Lady back in the White House. I’m tired of seeing an Ape in heels.”

Pamela tried to defend herself, explaining to the media that her intention was not to be racist, that she was merely expressing a “personal opinion on the attractiveness of a person”, not on the skin color.

In the Clay’s county, according to the last census, 98 % of the inhabitants are white. If the racist aggression had not been spread outside, it would not have made so much scandal. What other surprises will occur with Donald Trump’s election ?


Morgane Bouvier, IEJ 3F


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