ITélé: employees vote to end strike

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Source : 20 Minutes

Wednesday, November 16, 2016, after 31 days of strike, the employees of I-Télé channel voted unanimously to resume work. Twenty-five journalists announced that they were leaving the news channel.

This strike has been the longest in the history of French audiovisual since 1968, ahead of the one that had paralyzed Radio France in 2015. As a reminder, the strike began with the controversial arrival on the air of Jean-Marc Morandini, and the appointment of Serge Nedjar to the cumulative positions of director of the channel and editor. In general meeting, they voted unanimously to resume work, “as soon as the memorandum of understanding with the management was signed”. However, the strike ends in pain for the employees of the TV channel. 

In addition to the dozen of departures already known, many other defections were announced this Wednesday in general assembly. Between fifteen and twenty-five. To Maxime Saada, the CEO, this exit of crisis is a relief : “I am happy that the strike ends. It could have been shorter but we needed to go through it because there was a question of trust”. 

As for the claims of the strikers, the management made concessions above all on the conditions of departures, made possible by activating the conscience clause due to the airing of Jean-Marc Morandini, indicted for corruption of minors : the employees will be able to leave with two months of seniority.

Antoine Boutes, IEJ3F


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