Amazon ready to face Netflix worldwide

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Picture from the website “Which?”

The great offensive against Netflix has been launched by Amazon. The member of GAFA group prepares to expand its video service “Amazon Prime Video” through the entire world.

French people will be able to access the streaming platform from Amazon by the end of the year. The global number one of e-commerce is going to make an awkward competition with the other streaming companies and especially Netflix which dominated this sector until now. For the moment, Amazon’s video service is present in several countries : in the United States, in the United Kingdom, in Germany, in Austria and also in Japan. But the giant won’t give up going up its international expansion. Amazon has indeed declared that its service will be available in 200 countries. Netflix, which is present in 190 countries, may be confronted with some difficulties due to the arrival of this new big competitor. Apart from the powerful position of Amazon in the world, the company will impose its low prices and put Netflix in a difficult position. Amazon Prime Video costs indeed a minimum of 8.99 dollars a month, against 9.99 dollars for Netflix. To be able to rival with Netflix, Amazon has put large financial resources. Like its competitor, the company offers exclusive contents on its platform and counts on original productions.

For the moment, the race for market shares promises to be hard between the two world giants.


Heloïse Noël, IEJ 3E G2


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