Ban Ki Moon decorated with the Legion of Honor

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source : AFP
source : AFP

This Thursday, 17 November, the United Nations secretary general, Ban Ki Moon, received the Legion of Honor from the French president, François Hollande.

The French president received the United Nations General Secretary Ban Ki Moon at the Elysée Palace to decorate him with the highest French decoration. The reason for the decoration is in particular to thank the General Secretary for his fight against the global warming, the president especially insisting on his active role  during the COP21 which was held in Paris in November 2015.

The South Korean, who will end his mandate on January 1st of the next year, after ten years spent at the head of the UN, said he felt “honored and very proud” to receive the medal. He declared that through him, it was the UN which was rewarded.

On January 1st, 2017, Ban Ki Moon will be replaced at the head of UN by the Portuguese Antonio Guterres.

Clément Touron, IEJ 3E


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