Bonus Primes at Microsoft

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imagesOn its website Microsoft has reported that some visible minorities were not sufficiently represented in the company. As a results, Microsoft decided to make some internal decisions in order  to bear with this lack.

The company noticed on September 30th that the proportion of women has decreased, it went down from 26.8% to 25.8%. Gwen Houston, who is in charge of the diversity and inclusion for Microcrosoft, explains this fact with two reasons. The first one is that a restructuring happened in the telephonic activities at Microsoft. Moreover, some factories closings have reduced the part of women in the firm.

Houston is however encouraged by the slight rise in the reprensentation of women in the technical responsibility jobs. She is also optimistic about the hirings. Women represent 27.7% of the new employees.

Gwen Houston also mentions, some “modest gains” in the representation of black people in the company. It rose from 0.2 to 3.7%. Numbers of hispanic people have also augmented from 0.1 to 5.1%.

The directors of the company want to link some bonuses for the firm’s managers who increase the diversity in their teams. These decisions are absolutely original. The company wants to continue in this direction and struggle against prejudices and the under representation of the minorities.

Alexandra Hery, IEJ 3E




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