Marine Le Pen presented her new logo for 2017

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(Source: Les Echos)

Yesterday the French extreme right party presented its new logo for the 2017 campaign. It was during the inauguration of the party’s headquarters situated close to the Elysée Palace. Marine Le Pen took the opportunity to present her project: a new logo of the party.

For the first time no flame and no blue white red banner. Instead, a “Marine President” cut horizontaly by a blue rose.

Why a rose ?

  • In a short video presentation on Twitter Marine Le Pen; who insists she will be one of the only women present on the starting line of the first round of the presidentials in April 2017.
  • The association of the rose and the blue also has a political meaning that the president of the National Front (NF) doesn’t pretend to ignore.

The rose is the symbol of the left and the blue color represents the right wing. The NF for years has not stopped repeating that there are no differences between the left and the right.

This triple presentation (logo, slogan, HQ) marks the beginning of the presidential campaign of Marine Le Pen.

Alexis Alapetite, IEJ 3E


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