National Front : Jean-Marie Le Pen excluded but still Honorary President

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Source: Europe 1
Source: Europe 1


It was a surprise but the court of Nanterre took a drastic action. Jean-Marie Le Pen has been excluded from the National Front, Thursday, November 17th. However, he remains the Honorary President of the party. 

The founder of the far-right National front in 1972. Jean-Marie Le Pen stood for Presidential elections several times. He was present in the second tour against Jacques Chirac in 2002 but has been easily defeated by the former President. He is now secluded from politics but his voice still finds echo with the sympathisers of the party.

The National Front is currently directed by Marine Le Pen, Jean-Marie’s daughter. They used to share the same ideas but the situation degraded a few years ago. Jean-Marie Le Pen has been banned from the NF in August 2015. He proclaimed several times in the press and on TV that he paid tribute to Maréchal Pétain and that the gas chambers (during the World War II) were a “triviality in History”.

Jean-Marie Le Pen is then excluded from the NF but he keeps his title of Honorary President of the party. The party is obliged to include Jean-Marie Le Pen in all the authorities of the party. If the decision of the court is not observed, the party exposes itself to a fine of 2,000€.

Florian Philippot, Vice-President of the party, declared that the decision “is pretty stupid”.

Clarisse Dutillie, IEJ3E


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