Novak Djokovic is angry about the referees

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Source: The Mirror
Source: The Mirror

During the masters of London, which reunited the 8 best players of the year, Novak Djokovic seemed a little bit angry against the referees. The umpires reproach the Serbian for taking more time as usual to serve. A sanction judged very strict by the tennisman who explains that “they have no clue about the game”. The champion knows and admits that sometimes he takes more or less time to serve but he said that “the rules are strict. But there should be a kind of a feel, a sense for the game.” The Serbian, looks nervous this week, after loosing the first place in the ranking. He already had straightened a journalist out after his first match in the competition. The world number 2 just asks for more respect for the players. This fact didn’t have a real impact on the result because Djokovic won his match 6-1 6-2 and he’s qualified for the semi-finals.

Probably tired after a very long season, the thing the most important for Djokovic is to recover the world first place to Andy Murray. Something he can do if he wins the tournament.


Vincent Girod, 3E G1



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