Obama’s final goodbye

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Credits : Michel Sohn

On Friday, Barack Obama met with the leaders of Germany, France, Britain, Italy and Spain in Berlin for the last step of his European farewell tour. It wasn’t a determining summit as Trump administration is currently being put in place. But it was the occasion for Barack Obama to pass the torch to Angela Merkel considered as the one who is in a better position to keep democracy values. For his final goodbye, Obama asked  European leaders to uphold sanctions against Vladimir Putin, unlike his successor who is a lot more clement with Russia.

Now that Donald Trump is elected, relations between USA and Europe are uncertain. In fact as he tends to an isolationist and protectionist policy, economic and military agreement between both are in danger.

Berlin is a special place for Barack Obama. First of all because it is the place where everything started for him eight years ago during his speech to “break the walls” between countries. But also because of his strong relationship with the chancellor. “If I was a German and if I could vote, I would have supported her,” he said during the meeting.

Yéléna Renne. IEJ 3E.



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