Record-breaking audience for France Inter

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Source: France Inter
Source: France Inter

This morning, Médiamétrie has reveled the audiences of French radios in September and October. If Europe 1 fell, France Inter realizde its best result since 2003.

Never in its history has France Inter been so high. The French radio station makes its best return from the summer holidays since the report “126,000” by Médiamétrie started to be published. It has 11.3% of cumulated audience, a progression of 1.1 points in one year (6,039,000 listeners, +596,000). France Inter becomes the second most popular radio in France, overtaking NRJ.

The latter has in fact lost 1.2 points, reaching 10.8% of cumulated audience. Since the arrival of Matthieu Gallet, the CEO of Radio France, and Laurence Bloch at the head of France Inter, the radio station has been attracting more and more people over the months. Its early morning with Patrick Cohen still leads in France, with 3,941,000 listeners. A progression of 304,000 people (7.3%, +0.5 points in one year).

The radio station is also leader between 12 and 2 p.m, and in the evening. The 18-20 of Nicolas Demorand is in fact leader with 1,823,000 listeners, which represents an increase of 164,000 people.  An effective strategy, France Inter in now at 0.6 points from the leader, RTL. The radio station has not placed itself so close to the leader since the election of François Hollande, at the second semester of 2012.

Daniel Marques, IEJ 3E


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