Rooney case : FA launches an investigation

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Source: The Sun
Source: The Sun

Two days after the revelation of some compromising pictures of Wayne Rooney, English football association will investigate to clarify this case.

The FA annouced this morning that they will open an investigation about the compromising photos of Wayne Rooney.

These photos, published by the tabloïd The Sun, showed the captain of the English national team probably drunk between two games of the English selection. He apparently invited himself at a weeding celebrated in the national team’s hotel. In addition, he supposedly went to bed late in the night. Problem: he announced being injured before the second match of the English national team against Spain, potentially after a fall during this night.

A polemic has been started in England after the publication of these pictures. Wednesday, a news release indicated that Wayne Rooney has apologized to Gareth Southgate, the English coach, for his behavior: “Earlier today Wayne spoke privately to both Gareth Southgate and Dan Ashworth to unreservedly apologise (…) He would like to further extend that apology to any young fans who have seen these pictures.”

Despite this news release, the federation will opening an investigation. Wayne Rooney could be suspensed  by the federation after his skid. A new difficult moment for the terrible child of English football.

Pierre-Antoine Michel, IEJ 3E



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