The third debate of the French republicans primary

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French Primary
Source: Le Monde

The last debate of the French republicans primary was watched by twenty three percent of the French people.

What to remember from this debate? The seven candidates discussed topics as diverse as the election of Donald Trump, Syria or education.

At three days of the first round of the primary of the right, the seven nomination contestants clashed on Thursday, November 17, on France 2.

Back on what declared Jean-François Copé, Francois Fillon, Alain Juppé, Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, Bruno Le Maire, Jean-Frédéric Poisson and Nicolas Sarkozy during this final grand oral before letting the voters decide between them.

The candidates were asked to give their opinion on the election of Donald Trump to the presidency of the United States.

For François Fillon, the victory of the Republican is an opportunity “to stop and convince the Europeans to set up a more balanced transatlantic relationship (…) America will retract: it leaves us with a fantastic opportunity to reaffirm leadership. I think that these five years can mark the return of France and Europe on the international scene,” predicted Nicolas Sarkozy. The candidates spoke in particular on the single panel, which Bruno Le Maire and Jean-François Copé want to delete.

The candidates, on the other hand, agreed on the idea of teaching the “fundamentals” at school and returning on the reform of school rhythms.

Alain Juppé returned to François Fillon’s proposal to cut 500,000 civil servant posts. For him, “if we remove 500,000 jobs, we do not recruit nurses or police officers, and that’s just impossible.”

The first round of the Republican primary takes place on Sunday 20th November.

Emilie Pierre, IEJ 3E



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