Thomas Pesquet on the way to ISS

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Source: Sciences et avenir
Source: Sciences et avenir

Friday, November 18th, at Baïkonour Thomas Pesquet took off to International Space Station (ISS). He is the 10th French astronaut to go to the space.

Aboard Soyuz spaceship, Thomas Pesquet, Peggy Whitson and the Russian captain Oleg Novitsky have taken off at 2.20 am to ISS. Under the snow and glacial weather, the astronauts of Proxima mission said goodbye to their family across the window pane of the bus before joining the spaceship.

During six months, the French astronaut will produce 62 experiences for the European Space Agence. He will realize 54 other experiences cooperating with American, Japan and Canadian space agencies.

On Facebook the French president François Hollande recognized “exemplary progress” of the French astronaut.

Present at Baïkonour, Thierry Mandon, secretary of State at the research, declared: “It is very moving to see the return of France in space conquest. We are proud. It’s a young man and he shares his adventures with millions of French people” .

Thomas Pesquet is awaited Saturday, November 20th, on the ISS. He will come back on Earth in May 2017.


Adrien Paquier, IEJ 3E


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